Ruth LeBlanc Jones arrested

Fountain's Rules of Real Estate #1: never trust an agent who looks like a Persian cat

Fountain’s Rules of Real Estate #1: never trust an agent who looks like a Persian cat

Teri Buhl sends along this article from the New Canaan Advertiser on everyone’s favorite real estate broker Ruth LeBlanc Jones’ arrest. Renting out a house she didn’t own and pocketing the proceeds is just part of it.

FWIW has been a tad hard on this woman over the years, and her defenders have fiercely attacked us for picking on such a fine citizen. Here’s an opportunity for them to defend her again. Ruth does keep them busy.

Ruthie stops by headquarters for a photo-op

And look what the cat dragged in: Ruthie stops by headquarters for a photo-op


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36 responses to “Ruth LeBlanc Jones arrested

  1. FF

    I suppose I can cancel my reservation at RuLu’s restaurant tonight

  2. Flash

    When she was leaping up the ladder of success she was offensive in her ego driven manner. Economic downturn moved her into crime. Now she’s just nuts.

  3. anon

    Draft her for Democrat First Selectman candidate in Greenwich.

  4. anon22

    Not to downplay the crime by Ruth and her Band of Merry Larcens, but the tenant? Um, first red flag, $24k security deposit, on a $6k rent? Secondly, the many requests to not say she was actually a renter. Glad she finally smelled the rat but one has to wonder why it took her so long.

    The real sign of Ruth’s guilt = A spokesman for Jones said she is not guilty and blamed the owner of the house for using her position to get the police to press charges.


    • She’s looking forward to her day in court!
      (But the $24,000 isn’t crazy: first and last months rent, plus two months security deposit)

      • anon22

        Ok. I see the $24k logic.

        Has the tenant moved out?
        Did she get her money back? Who will reimburse her for the inconvenience of moving again?
        Is it fair to presume utility bills were in name of tenant such that homeowner didn’t notice electric /oil delivery. And who was paying for yard care and wouldn’t they see someone in the house? If the homeowner didn’t expect anyone in the house, you’d think they’d know way before the timeframe mentioned in the article.

      • Anonymous

        You aren’t permitted to collect more than 2 months up front– last and security deposit, I believe. I don’t usually wish bad luck to anyone, but Ruth Jones is the most untrustworthy, unethical broker I ever dealt with in New Canaan. As the saying goes, “don’t confuse brains with a bull market.”

      • Nancy Healy

        Shame Chris, the laws are very strict; only a total of 3 months total can be collected, no matter how you do that 1st,last one month. Or 1st month and two months security. You are not even allowed to take a pet deposit if you collect the full 3 months. Just add it to another issue that she did wrong.

  5. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke will enjoy following this story. Poor Ruthie was born without an ethical bone in her body. The Duke is trying to work up some sympathy for her and it just ain’t happening.

    Is Rick out of prison?

    • I believe he is – in fact, I think he may have been released back in July, 2012 after serving just one year. Now he can reciprocate by visiting Ruth during her term, and isn’t that sweet?

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Why do you consider a dishonest “professional” real estate agent to be news worthy? Your ENTIRE INDUSTRY IS A SCAM!! A Ponzi!! A Flim Flam!! Oh, is it because one actually got caught?

    And what is with the regal sounding names all you dirt sellers use? Ruth LEBLANC Jones? Really? David Overpriced Ogilvy? Francis Frigging Fudrucker? WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?

    Maybe I need to give you the middle digit, Dude. Maybe that’s why you don’t sell? How about….. Christopher Golden Fountain? Subtle, but classy. A kinky chick would get it. Or “Christopher Trevi Fountain”? It gives you some European panack….pinache…it gives you some European class. Consider it. It can’t hurt.

    Anyhows, so you and Ms. McBeal have taken it off line I see? You dirty little devil!! Sexting? YES!! Trading selfies and Weiner crotch shots? I know you are!!

    You weasel.
    Your Pal,

  7. Rivman

    Interesting, that is the woman who does those hideous limousine ads on cable. Guess business isn’t good.

    • Limousines, you say? She used to run print ads showing her posed in front of a rented Bentley convertible, so yes, she must be feeling the squeeze. Probably didn’t help when her business partner was imprisoned for bank fraud and her own homes were lost to foreclosure. Or perhaps her reputation just finally caught up with her.

  8. Rivman

    No, the other gal arrested is Hoyt Limo fame.

    • Cos Cobber

      no way! really? no wonder she looked familiar. i havent seen those ‘hoyt’s here’ commercials in a while. they always looked silly in those commercials.

  9. Flash

    So when will her membership in Greenwich MLS be questioned? Is it 3-strikes before you’re out?

    • just_looking

      right?!? How many times has CF had to appear before some ethics hearing, or some such nonsense, yet here is a real criminal and where is the evil GAR of darkness??? I know it is New Canaan, but they mush have something similiar.

  10. pulled up in OG

    First pic must be courtesy of the office Photoshop cause she sure as hell didn’t spring for the Lifestyle Lift.

  11. PA

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Arrogance, greed and stupidity rolled into one fat sausage casing. She will probably beat the charge but her downward spiral continues to accelerate.

  12. The Hoyt women is a good friend of Ruth’s but I question if she knew what Ruth was fully doing. We need to see the full warrant request report to get a better view of what happen. The NCPD press officer often leaves a lot out of her initial reports to the local reporters. It was sad to see Ruth bring her son Adam into this.

  13. State law may allow her to stay in house indefinitely, rent free until the case is settled.
    Otherwise she would be homeless….

  14. New Canaan Realtor

    How is Teri Buhl own appeal of her two criminal convictions going? A convict reporting on an arrest. Oh, the karma!

  15. In 1982, Ms. Jones told us we could stay at a house on Cape Cod for a week. When we arrived at the house, it was bereft of plumbing and electricity. Her history is amazing. I wonder if she even had the right to rent that house out.

    • Anonymous

      Not surprised. Her success was a symbol of the dumbing down of New Canaan. The daughter of a country club bartender makes good, hooks up with a builder who has just enough taste to lure the new money, they hit their stride during the greatest bull market in history, etc. Their peak coincided with the remake of Stepford Wives (awful movie), which featured some of Girourd’s fanciest homes. I grew up in New Canaan and entered the real estate business in New Canaan in 2002. I dreaded the day I would have to deal with her, having observed her act from afar for years and sure enough, in about 2004, I had a shady buyer in the $3-4mm range who I’d been working with for 6 months. A listing came on the market on her street and of course it was hers. My guy wanted to see the house and I was on my way to VT for the weekend so I couldn’t escort him. I called to express my concern to Ruthie and she told me in no uncertain terms “I have no interest in soliciting your buyer.” That was nice of her, I thought, with some trepidation. Fast forward 2 weeks and my buyer, after telling me initially that the house wouldn’t work for him, calls and tells me that he’s buying the property. When I called Ruthie for an explanation she told me “You don’t have a leg to stand on” and hung up the phone!! Who’s legless now? She is one of those people who think that if they get all the dough, the world is a better place. Well, guess what? There IS a rule book and if you play fast and loose long enough you get pinched. No sympathy here.

  16. Mike Paul


    Ruth LeBlanc-Jones is not guilty and we will prove so in court with evidence. Her company was hired by Jennifer Hilton to clean, secure an ownership partner for needed property improvements, supervise these improvements and then help sell Ms. Hilton’s deceased father’s home. As with all real estate brokers, Ruth LeBlanc-Jones was given keys to the home early in the process to do so. No larceny or burglary ever occurred and saying so is a disgrace and a lie.

    But we have something potentially important to share. We have heard rumors Jennifer Hilton may have used her job at NBC News and “The Today Show” to gain leverage and special attention with the New Canaan police department and the prosecutors office. If that is so, it would not only be unethical, but maybe illegal in itself. We are asking top authorities to check into these rumors to see if they are true and if so bring all to a stop immediately. We are also asking top authorities to review the inappropriate arrest of Ruth LeBlanc-Jones in conjunction with such potential influence by Jennifer Hilton and her job in the process.

  17. New Canaan Representative

    She deserves what she gets – so glad to see what comes around goes around – that’s what you get from stealing from people it’s been many years and many stung bees along the way – but finally you are getting what you deserve !!! – enjoy your stay and may justice finally be done to someone who totally has corrupted the real estate business by being of unethical character lying and cheating – your mug shot looks good to all of us that work hard at this business

  18. angie stockholm

    Some people just finally get caught and hopefully will pay. Greed is it worrh it Ruthie, how many others have you swindled.?