A wise man knows when to cut his losses


The Stockman's Model

The Stockman’s Model

David Stockman’s house, with twenty-three acres, is back with a new price of $13.4 million. That’s quite a cut from its 2010-2012 price of $23.5 million, and even its 2013 price of $19.750.

I’ve always suggested this house was overpriced, but instead of rewarding my prescience by giving me his listing, Mr. Stockman has chosen to return to his original broker, the one who priced it at $23.5 and kept him locked into a home he no longer wants for four long years.

That’s probably due to the magic Sotheby’s name and its “international clientele” (snort), but it could also be because he read my quote about his house in the NY Times.

In 2012, Mr. Stockman put his trophy home — with its 11 bathrooms, swimming pool and tennis court — on the market, asking $19.75 million.

Weak as the market was, the listing was removed — and Mr. Fountain is not surprised.

“For $9 million, it’s a nice little house,” he said. “But these types of houses don’t age well. There is just too much horse crap* out there on the polo fields.”

Stockman, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!

Oh well.

* Actually, I used the term “horse shit”, to go with the polo theme, but the Times editors cleaned it up


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Riverside Contract


48 Bramble Lane

48 Bramble Lane

48 Bramble Lane, $3.995 million. One-third of an acre, 6,700 sq. feet (a lot of which is basement). Zillow calculates that as $225 per sq. ft., which suggests that you bring on your own calculator to the Zillow site. Really nice house, and there have now been enough sales on Bramble in this price range that it’s safe to say it’s a $4 million neighborhood.

I’m absolutely astonished.


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Forget rogue meteors, for now


Back in print?

Back in print?

Ebola-infected passenger who died in Nigeria was U.S. citizen was on his way home to Minnesota.

Patrick Sawyer died this week after becoming noticeably ill on a flight from Liberia in West Africa, where the worst ever outbreak of Ebola is gathering pace, to the city of Lagos in Nigeria. His case sparked alarm across the globe because he was able to board an international flight while carrying the incurable disease – potentially infecting other passengers who could fly across the world in a nightmare scenario for health experts.

In our brave new world of global travel, pandemics don’t stay in Las Vegas – or anywhere else – anymore.

UPDATE: And even worse than the guy next to your breathing Ebola in your ear, … Delta passengers disgusted after Chinese family lets toddler crap on his seat.

Passengers kicked up a stink on a flight from Beijing to Detroit this week after a family allowed their toddler to defecate on his seat, according to reports.

Travellers on board the Delta Airlines flight allegedly watched in horror as the young Chinese boy’s parents laid down newspaper on his chair and encouraged him to relieve himself there and then

. Despite pleas from passengers and crew to take him to the cabin toilet, the boy’s grandfather and grandmother – who were also on the plane – insisted on letting the boy settle there, it was claimed.

Passenger Luolan Gang Wang told Sina News that once the boy had finished his business, its smell began slowly to waft through the cabin sparking a wave of disgust among fellow travellers.


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Somehow, I just know these two stories are related – or will be soon


Ooh! Ooh! Go, Lankrees!

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Go, Lankrees!

Bluetooth-enabled vibrators give long distance orgasms.

Floundering Korean baseball team installs robot fans in its stadium. 

Maybe the bluetooth thingie can get those robots hopping and squirming around and really add life to the otherwise-empty seats?


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How low can it go?


186 Lake Avenue.  "You might well think that snow banks in July exude the odor of a stale listing. I couldn't possibly comment. couldn't possibly say that."

186 Lake Avenue.
“You might well think that snow banks in July exude the stench of a stale listing. I couldn’t possibly comment.”

186 Lake Avenue, purchased new in 2004 for $6 million and relisted for $7.5 in 2012, is now down to $4.995, a million bucks less than it would have cost you on Saturday. If I recall this property’s history correctly, the owner missed out on a Pecora home just up the street and one of the builder/brothers said, “I’ve got a lot on the other side of Lake, how about I build you the identical house there?” That offer was accepted (Ogilvy represented both buyer and seller), and that’s why you may experience deja vu all over again as you head north on Lake Avenue.

$6 million may have been the right price in 2004; obviously, it is no longer the right price in 2014. Maybe the fifth price and fourth broker will do the trick this time.

186 bath

dining room

186 Lake hotel


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Pending sale


One Fairfield Avenue

One Fairfield Avenue

One Fairfield Avenue, Old Greenwich, 11 days on market, $1.450 million. Just 0.12 of an acre, a FARport instead of a garage, it sold in 2010 for $899,000. The listing says it was renovated but so far as I can see it’s been repainted from yellow to grey, had some new appliances and a range vent installed, and that’s about it – the previous owner was a builder, and had this in excellent shape. Biggest difference, I suspect, is the market conditions in 2009-2010 and now.

2010 kitchen

2010 kitchen

New kitchen

New kitchen

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Sale reported

17 Rustic View

17 Rustic View

Not much activity right now, but 17 Rustic View, June contract, closed at $2.550, original asking price $2.695. Nice house, recently renovated, on a good street, North Street and Central schools. This seems like a good representative of what you should expect to get in this price range in mid-country these days.

Nice space, but I wouldn't want to clean those windows

Nice space, but I wouldn’t want to clean those windows


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