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I enjoy cooking and often suffer intense jealousy pangs when I tour some of the luxury kitchens installed around town (the fact that, judging from their unused looks, these marvels of granite, 16-burner stoves and huge refrigerators are there solely for the convenience of caterers only increases those pangs, but never mind). The New York Times recently reported on what’s sure to be the next essential for Greenwich kitchens, the TurboChef oven, a combined micro-wave/convection/conventional appliance that cooks chickens in 12 minutes, soufflés in 2, and so forth. I want one, but I don’t think I’ll be shelling out $7,800 to buy one (unless all of you, right now, call me to sell your houses). But for some of my fellow residents that’s just chump change and I predict that as soon as one happy homeowner installs one all his friends (I suspect this particular gadget will be a guy thing) will want one too. Just think how happy your caterers will be.

And homes to put them in
So you’re ready for a new TurboChef but you worry it will dwarf your little Havemeyer kitchen. What to do? You might want to check out two new listings, either Joan Sutter’s at 25 Kenilworth, $6,195,000 or Jean Ruggiero’s at 12 Intervale Place, $6,450,000 .Both were built to exceptional quality standards (and both are Raveis listings, but regular readers of this column will have noticed that I don’t use that as a criteria for mentioning a house). If you think that this kind of price guarantees quality in new construction, you’re wrong; I’m not sure why, but possibly a combination of a shortage of skilled craftsmen and the natural desire of a builder to cut a few corners. Both these builders, Aberdeen (Kenilworth), Jeff Knapp (Intervale) resist that temptation, as evidenced, in a small way, by the crown molding in every closet. No sane buyer will pay extra for crown molding in a linen closet. These guys make the effort, I think, because their pride insists on it. In any event it’s a pleasure to tour houses like these after seeing some other new construction in town.

7 Old Kings Highway
I missed this house when it held a broker open house but I heard very, very positive feedback about it from my fellow agents. An attractive 1939 house updated in 1997 with three bedrooms and a small backyard, Dundee and Eastern school district, asking $960,000. From what I heard, that’s a good price. Catherine Stahl (David Ogilvy) listing.

Anecdotal Market Report
While out showing houses the past two weekends I noticed that at almost every house we were either preceded or followed by other agents and their clients. Offers are being tossed around, contracts signed and, I think, we’re seeing the end of winter doldrums. I’m waiting for the month to end to compile first quarter statistics but things feel busy. Feelings, of course, aren’t facts, so stay tuned. But if you’re house hunting and think there’s no urgency, you should probably reconsider.

A final food item
Did you see that PETA has chastised Al Gore for eating meat? In an open letter to Mr. Truth, PETA points out that “ the United Nations [has] determined that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined.” The ex-VP, says PETA, should switch to a vegetarian diet if he really wants to save the world. If this is true, and who am I to doubt the United Nations, why isn’t anyone else talking about it? Could it possibly be that Americans might be willing to consider buying smaller cars and a few fluorescent light bulbs but, threatened with having their Big Macs wrenched from their hands they’d rebel and start examining the whole global warming panic? Certainly there must be some reason why Al Gore and his friends in the press never even address the number one source of deadly carbon gasses in the world. Of course, judging from his ever-expanding size, I suspect Gore is eating far more than his share of meat and, probably, buying sirloin offsets as compensation but, as with his private jet, shouldn’t he be at least telling the rest of us not to do it? I want a new movie.

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