If you want to contact my publisher
It won’t do any good, but if you’d like to send along your opinion to my former publisher about his firing me, : Mhersam@hersamacorn.com will reach him. I’m just about to email him myself to cancel my subscription.


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  1. Anonymous

    Your column was the only reason that sorry excuse of a newspaper didn’t go directly from the mailbox to the recycling bin.

    All the other real estate agents drink the Kool-Aid, smile, and tell people what they want to hear. It was so refreshing to have someone tell the truth for a change.

  2. claudette rothman

    They don’t know good reporting when they hear it, no wonder that damn paper is free. It’s free because it’s not worth anything.

    Claudette Rothman

  3. Anonymous

    Looks like the Greenwich Mafia has struck again. I have been an avid reader of your column for the last three years. As both a resident and investor in Greenwich I have come to respect your honesty, perspective and foresight of the real estate market.

    Since this is Greenwich’s second largest revenue source (to hedge funds), there is a lot to protect and it is a shame that a realistic perspective is not encouraged. I suppose now the only voice we will hear is your counterpart at the post Mary Ann Clark who consistently attenmpts to paint a rosey picture in a down market – yes including Greenwich. It’s a shame that the truth can no longer be told. Thank you for your years of service and I hope that some other paper picks you up…

  4. johninct

    Loved your column for years and can’t believe it’s gone. It was the first thing I went to in the post (and prior to that, the Citizen) and I was excited to get that paper because of your column. My second favorite feature was the Bird Notes column, kind of gives you an idea of how important your column was. Greenwich has one outspoken columnist left (left being the operative word), Sarah Littman. Think about that. Be happy you’re going away (hopefully, only from print) on a high note. In my book, you were second only to Pike Johnson in the annals of Greenwich columnists.

    John Bowman, a friend from Riverside (St. Pauls neighborhood), Gideon’s age.

    All the best and I’ll visit this blog every week.