Linens and Things declares bankruptcy
This was the story that got me fired. Apollo Group, owner of Linens and Things, was reported (by the NYT) to be ready to put the chain into bankruptcy, together with its real estate company, Realogy, which controls Coldwell Banker and Sotheby’s. Friday, Linens and Things went down, confirming that part of the story. This is being posted via iPhone which, while loveable, is lousy for links. Come back later and you’ll have them.


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  1. claudette rothman

    You were too good for the paper anyway. How about you and Gideon doing a local Real Estate show on Cable12?


  2. greylady

    Your column was the only reason to haul that rag, Greenwich Post, from the mailbox. Will be reading weekly blog.

  3. Anonymous

    Chris, Tell us that Apollo Group needs the “assets” of Realogy. Is there another shoe to drop there, by any chance? maryatfive

  4. Anonymous

    I own the building known as 32 Field Point, Greenwich. I’m negotiating a lease extension with Coldwell Banker, NRT, Realogy, Apollo. Can, or would anyone like to tell me more about the boys who run this show? Thanks, Barry