Bad times for all newspaper folks
I just heard that Joe Pisani, editor of Greenwich Time, has been fired by that paper’s new owner. Sad, if true- the man did a yeoman’s job producing a cleanly written story of our town, every day, for years. My banishment to the Internet is probably all for the best, and inevitable.
Firing confirmed. New owners wanted more scandalous headlines, Mr. Pisani resisted, so off he went.god bless him, god bless the Internet.


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  1. Fado Lane Fan

    I’ve just bookmarked your blog, Chris. To heck with the weekly!

  2. claudette rothman

    Can’t say I’m going to miss Joe Pisani, Greenwich Time did not always tell the truth. Hopefully, the new person will force his/her reporters to start writting the full and truthful story.

    claudette Rothman

  3. Anonymous

    i guess al gore finally had enough!

  4. Barry Montgomery

    I own the building known as 32 Field Point, Greenwich. I’m negotiating a lease extension with Coldwell Banker, NRT, Realogy, Apollo. Can, or would anyone like to tell me more about the boys who run this show? Thanks, Barry