More Market Blues, or, Apples to Apples
1 Brookside Park in Greenwich came on the market in May 2006 asking $4,895,000 and sold in November for $4,250,000. Whether because of buyer’s remorse or a change in circumstances it was returned to the market by the new buyers in February, 2007, for $4,650,000 (nothing having been added or changed), lingered for 408 days and finally sold this past May 12th for $3,800,000. Rumor has it that the owners turned down an offer that would have brought them close to break-even and then ended up sitting on the place for another year. True or not, in this market, it probably pays to keep would-be-buyers talking.


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  1. Adrian & Ansley

    Welcome back…good to have REAL news

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Chris
    Good to see that you are still publishing a column! Quick question – do you see any relevance in looking at the price sold as a multiple of the tax assessment? Thanks – Kim