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lots of you have written in support and I appreciate your words greatly. My poor Internet guru is temporarily out of action due to a motorcycle accident ( I knew I made the right decision to sell mine in 1972) but I hope to have a real web site up and running in 2 weeks. In the meantime, here’s my response to an inquiry about the weight to give to the town’s assessment of a home’s value: it depends. Some of these assessments are spot on; others miss by a mile. Some years ago, my own house was grossly over-assessed because the out-of-town appraisors considered all waterfront, tidal creeks to Belle Haven, to be of equal value. Don’t tell them so, but I think they’ve over corrected and I’m now valued at less than a modest home on Perry Ridge. So use the assessment as one datum, not the sole determinative of value.


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  1. johninct

    Let me suggest a plain text email with your internet columns in it as part of what you’re doing. This way I can read it on the train on my blackberry. Not the same as grabbing the post and starting my Friday with your column, but very close to the same thing. Good in case I forget to visit your new web page.

    Good luck
    – John

  2. Clotpoll

    News of your firing made it to the excellent I couldn’t resist referencing it at my own blog,

    Don’t feel alone. I have owners of competing RE companies trying to do various things to shut me up…including filing frivolous ethics charges against me at the local board, then using those charges to dissuade potential listing clients from working with me.

    Fight the power!

  3. Pam

    Great news, can’t wait for the site. Maybe you could take out a ribbon cutting ad in the GP to let everyone know where to find you!

    Keep up the excellent work and thank you!

    Pam Schaefer

  4. njpatient

    Keep fighting the good fight, Chris.
    If I were buying in CT (rather than soon in Philly) I’d leap to hire you.

    Tough to find a good agent who doesn’t toe the party line.