Don’t Taser me, Bro!

Our School Board has sent out a survey to parents, asking if they “support a school resource officer at the high school”. The Board eschewed the use of such inflammatory language as “armed and tasered” because they apparently feared that using the more accurate description might alarm parents and cause them to withhold their support for a program the Board itself obviously endorses. “School Resources Officer” sounds so benign – officer Friendly, there to help students find their lost textbooks, perhaps coax a stray kitten from a tree or maybe help out with a tough homework assignment. The reality is that at least one such officer tasered a kid last year for kicking a chair and tossing a water balloon – a dastardly deed, but, speaking as someone who lobbed 1/2 a grapefruit across the Student Center at a group of visiting educators way back in 1971, hardly a capital offense.

The trouble with giving cops toys like Tasers or, God help us, lots of really cool SWAT Team equipment is that, sooner or later, they’re going to want to use it. I say, if we’re that concerned about a Columbine at the High School, either arm the teachers or take the taser away from the cop. Someone might still get killed, I suppose, but the temptation to use non-lethal force beyond a head-lock would be removed.


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4 responses to “Don’t Taser me, Bro!

  1. Bill Clark

    Did you happen to notice that the Bd of Ed “spokesperson” (read chief obfuscator) said in today’s article that the results won’t be available for “months”? Survey questionnaires were due in early June, and the little circles had to be filled in with a Number Two soft-lead pencil (just like the SAT’s) and were mailed directly to the polling organization by the respondents (of whom I was one). What do you want to bet that the Bd of Ed has had those results since about June 10th?

    Read my blot of May 21, “Shocking Developments at Greenwich High”, for more wisdom and perspective on this shameful incident.

  2. Bill Clark

    Oops – I blotted my copybook – make that “blog”, please!

  3. Chris Fountain

    I have a Mac, damn it-probook. Upgraded OS worked fine until yesterday. After resetting PRAM, of won’t recognize USB devices. Driving me nuts.

  4. Anonymous

    I – for one – say: ‘Teachers’ should be allowed to be armed at School – things happen extremely fast – and calling 911 – will not save lives – Students – Teachers – need to be protected – after all – we can not even go to church these days – yes – ‘church killings’ ‘School killings’ ‘killing at the Malls’ – no place is ‘Safe’ – and we have home grown ‘terrorists’ living right here in our own back-yards!
    Yes – ‘Protect Yourself’ at home too – remember that poor Doctor who lost all his family – by two ‘Mutts’ that entered their home and killed his wife and two young daughters – ‘No Place Is ‘Safe’ anymore!