A New low in euphemism

Greenwich Time refers today to “anti-prohibitionists” who used to run booze up my creek and stash it at what is now Dot McCullough’s boat house. Didn’t we used to call these folks “rum runners”? More colorful and far more accurate: I’m pretty sure that the criminals were very much in favor of Prohibition, because it enabled them to make huge, albeit illicit fortunes – just ask Joe Kennedy.

By the way, I hate using Greenwich Time’s website because of the pop-up ad for Greenwich Hospital that floats across the screen, blocking access to the main article. I don’t know how much the paper is receiving for this ad, but I’d think the cost of reader annoyance exceeds the fee.


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3 responses to “A New low in euphemism

  1. Anonymous

    Send some of our ‘young – town – Brats – out to clean up the Harbor – after all – they can find the time to throw eggs at those who are doing their very best to teach them and help them become good citizens -yes – where’s ‘Mom and Dad’? Too busy ‘spoiling’ their ‘Little Darlings’ and setting poor examples for them to follow!

  2. Anonymous

    I think you mean “euphemism.” As for the floating ad on the Greenwich Time’s website, I disable plug-ins in my Safari security window. That’ll make the ad disappear. Of course, you might want to enable them again when you leave the Time’s site.

  3. Chris Fountain

    yup – two good tips in one – thanks!