The bag lady is singing

I have a friend at a liberal New York magazine who is convinced that global warming is about to bring our doom so the link above is for you, Nick! I continue to side with that master of doom, Glen Reynolds, who says, “I’ll believe that we’re facing a crisis when the people preaching that act like it”. So when Al Gore gives up his private jets, when Edwards leaves his love child and mistress and returns to North Carolina (by train) to raze his 26,000 mansion and Barbara Streisand starts hanging her wash out to dry in Beverly Hills, I’ll believe. Until then …


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2 responses to “The bag lady is singing

  1. Anonymous

    Yes – So tired of these A-holes – giving us all lectures!

  2. Pam

    I agree people should practice what they preach, but at minimum we should acknowledge their contribution to “raising awareness”. Personally, as a result, I have modified my lifestyle to be more environmentally sound. I know of many others who have as well. Change is never perfect, but every little bit helps along the way.