Here’s a good value

8 Mansion Place is in the King Merit development off of King Street in western Greenwich. Not one of our most expensive neighborhoods but that means you can still get over an acre of land (1.19, in this case) and a nice house for far less than the average run-down Riverside house will cost you. This house, added to and renovated in 2005, has a ton of bedrooms, a really nice yard and a knock-you-dead solarium/family room all for just $1,499,000, down from its original June asking price of $1,699,000. Disclosure: it’s a Raveis listing but long-term readers know I’ve never let that sort of thing affect my calling a house a good (or a bad) buy and I’m not doing that now. In a better market, I think the original price would have moved this place. Its current price is better still and, if the alacrity with which the seller has adjusted her price is any indication, i think you might be able to nibble away at the price even more. Unprepossessing from the front – it looks like the plain old ranch that it once was, this is one worth seeing, if you can adjust to or want to live out west. No highway noise, either, which is not the case in some houses over here. A very nice house, and one I liked a lot.


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5 responses to “Here’s a good value

  1. Anonymous

    Looking forward to more pictures –
    Chris – very nice feature – I – like seeing the properties that you like and I enjoy reading your comments – regarding them.

    Once – again – you do us all a great service.

  2. Anonymous

    I thought it was “King Merritt,” taking its name from King St. and the Merritt Parkway.

  3. Chris Fountain

    Of course you’re right. I drive on the damn highway, but can’t spell it correctly, ever. Oh well. Still a nice house.

  4. Anonymous

    According to one of your old columns it sold in 2003 for 1,155,000, but as you point out it was remodeled in 2005. Without knowing the true details of the remodel it sounds like the sellers are going to break about even…

  5. Chris Fountain

    You’ve got a great memory! I’ll pull it’s history tomorrow and post details but, these days, breaking even when you’ve only held a property a few years isn’t all that bad. But, also tomorrow, I’ll discuss an Old Greenwich house that turned a handsome profit after just 3 years. Go figure!