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White Elephants and such

Reader Juan asks, “Will you provide the link for article by the ‘colleague who compared assessed value…’? “

I would be glad too, if Greenwich Citizen posted the guy’s stuff on line, but it doesn’t (they didn’t post my column, either, which I always thought was kind of dumb). Police blotter? It’s there. Real estate? Who’s interested in real estate in Greenwich, Connecticut?


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Wanna guess who’s next on the bankruptcy rolls?. Here’s the part I like best about this Florida entrepreneur’s delusions:

Another current McKinney project is a $135 million spec home, The Manalapan Residence. This three-story 67,670 square foot home includes 14 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, an 18 car garage, a 6,140 sq. ft. master bedroom suite, lavish Grand Rotunda room for entertaining, dual water walls, aquarium ceilings and walls, movie theatre, casino and club room with stunning aquarium wet bar, oceanfront gourmet family kitchen, catering kitchen, outdoor summer kitchen, his/her offices, 10 wet bars, two wine rooms (one for red, one for white), gymnasium with beauty salon, two swimming pools (classical lap and grotto waterfall/waterslide), shark tank, two elevators, bowling alley, tennis court with pavilion, archery range, 1/4 mile jogging/go cart track, butterfly gardens, Italian and Floridian gardens, sculpture gardens, citrus orchard, guest house, staff house, back-up generator, full home automation, and more.

One reader has suggested that Greenwich residents who want to build a dream house just wait a few months and take something off the hands of a failed builder for pennies on the dollar. If you’re also thinking of a little vacation spot in Florida, you may want to apply that advice to our south, too.

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Okay, land values are going up in some areas;Do you suppose we in Greenwich can develop a market for cute little blonde kids?

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School construction delayed again

It’s hardly a surprise that the Hamilton Avenue School project has again missed its latest completion deadline, as described above – use incompetent volunteers to oversee a construction firm with, to be generous, a dubious history involving numerous allegations of involvement with organized crime and you can probably predict the results. But now the same group of volunteers is about to undertake the reconstruction of Glenville School. Hmmm. We’ve witnessing dropping test results, an inability to bring school construction projects in on time or anywhere near budget and our response is to welcome back the Superintendent and set her and her minions off on another quest. I’m not sure that’s the best way to run a railroad.

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The Boys are back!

Ever wonder where drake mallards got to during the summer? Turns out, they molt and don brown feathers like the hens – who knew? Now that fall is approaching, they’re molting back and will soon be their colorful selves once again. I don’t think my little iPhone camera can show those feathers but if you click to enlarge you might get a glimpse of the change. Otherwise, take my word for it – how much have you got to lose?

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I’m not the New York Times (no s…, Sherlock), so I put corrections in a prominent place or, at least, as prominent a place as a blog with 200 readers a day gets. Anyway, I was wrong about police overtime pay being included in the calculation of their pensions. Here’s what someone I assume knows what he’s talkingabout wrote:

“When the Greenwich Police Officers work overtime at a construction job it is NOT part of their pension. NO overtime, including patrol and private jobs, is included, their pension is based on just their yearly salary. Just wanted to clarify that.”

I still don’t like paying cops to direct traffic at construction sites but at least we’re not paying twice for that “service” once when they’re out on the street and again when they quit.

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