New Yorker Article on Greenwich
There’s a terrific article in the New Yorker this week by Nick Paumgarten that captures the town nicely – its Old money (which was new not so long ago) its new boors and their flashy houses and all of us middle class schnooks in between. The article is not available on line but, and I would almost never say this, the piece is worth the news stand price of the entire magazine. Read it.


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  1. Anonymous

    Chris – I read the story, as did my whole family. THere was one part I believe Nick Paumgarten got wrong. He said (regarding Langhorne Lane/Mooreland Road properties) that Coldwell Banker had done a study, and that study concluded that the lots needed ‘the highest possible density’. Paumgarten took that to mean “build big” (e.g. 26,000 sq. ft).

    I thought ‘highest possible density’ meant – the most houses you could fit in the lots (rather than what Antares did, which was to fit just 1 house.)

    Curious to hear if you caught that.

    Question 2: Where did Mariani get the money to “self-finance”???