Ballot Initiative?

There’s a movement afoot in Massachusetts to repeal the state income tax. There’s even a good chance it will pass, saving each taxpayer an average of $3,700 per year – compare that to Obama’s stimulous plan of $1,000 (which, of course, won’t go to actual taxpayers – we’re too rich but instead to the “needy).

Could we get rid of the income tax here in Connecticut? We’ll never know, unless we change our constitution, because ballot inititives aren’t allowed. Nutmeg voters might support a repeal but it’s a cinch our legislators won’t because they’re the ones controlling all the money it sucks in. There’s a chance to amend our constitution on this November’s ballot and guess who opposes it? the teachers union. Quelle surprise.


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  1. StationStops

    Um, Chris, we live in Greenwich, CT – we ARE too rich and are fellow American absolutely need it.

    A $2B relief package for Americans in financial crisis sounds like a good idea compared to $700B in appropriations for an unending war.

  2. Chris Fountain

    well let us disagree on this. But if you feel oppressed by your wealth I’ll be happy to send you some college tuition bills. Or my quarterly IRS statement. I sure don’t want to pay it but if you do ….