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I was prowling around just to see what they have in the way of real estate listings and came across this listing for 9 Fitch Lane in Riverside . I don’t know if its seller/owner has taken the wisest course of action here. This is a perfectly nice new house, cheek by jowl with the Post Road but with a decent view of Cos cob Harbor. I liked it, especially when its price dropped from $1,295,000 to $1,099,000. Apparently I was alone in that admiration because the listing expired unsold after a year on the market in November of last year. The owner pulled it from our multi-list system and relisted it himself on one of those for sale by owner sites at $1,175,000.

It seems to me, and I could be wrong, that if 1,000 agents couldn’t move this place at $1.09 million the owner himself is unlikely to achieve that goal by pricing it for $85,000 more. If I were a buyer, I’d automatically discount the asking price 5%, figuring that the seller wasn’t paying a commission, and then I’d want to look hard at that asking price. If the house didn’t sell before, isn’t that a sign that it’s worth less, not more than $1,090,000? Just asking.


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  1. Anonymous

    never used that site before. I noticed that 25 Keofferman is up for sale for close to $6 million.

    Love to hear your opinion on that deal.

    I have to admit I was sad when the owner sold off that lot off for a house to be built on it.

  2. Anonymous

    Chris, that modular on fitch is horrid looking. The builder is getting his due given the design. It belongs in track housing in south Jersey.

    Cos Cobber