Copy Editor!
The Greenwich Time, fresh from laying off half its editorial staff, announces today that Cops Relish in Golder Verdict. It seems to me that one may relish a verdict but, unless you’re a hot dog, can you relish in anything? And if that’s the intended meaning, shouldn’t the headline have referred to the Goulden’s verdict?


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  1. Anonymous

    That headline does it – I’m canceling my subscription. Who needs the GT anyway? Between your blog and the greenwichroundup blog, I get all the news I need, with intelligence and good humor.

  2. Anonymous

    All the coven of blackguard bloggers about Greenwich do is aggregate content from the newspapers; and if they disappeared they would have to take out their feeding tubes and try to find out what was going on.

  3. Chris Fountain

    Love it! I’ve added the phrase to my header. Thanks.