Here’s what MADD should be mad about
drunk, high, naked driver crashes into parked car while masturbating.

Instead, they have their knickers in a knot over the proposal by a group of college presidents and drinking experts (how does one apply for the latter job?) to lower the drinking age back to 18.

Drunk driving is a menace and should be vigorusly attacked. Turning 3/4 of the college kids in this country into criminals is not the way to do that. But, as others have pointed out, MADD has turned away from combatting drunk driving and into a rabid temperance movement. I don’t drink so I don’t particularly care what the angry mothers are up to but I do have three kids, all over 21 now, who, I suspect, imbibed a beer or two at school, just as most college kids have done for, say, the past 150 years. If educators think banning such behavior is a bad idea, maybe we should at least discuss it, rather than leave the decision to MADD.


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  1. Anonymous

    Actually, I think you mean MADD is a temperance movement. Us party types might be considered anti-temperance!

  2. Chris Fountain

    Right you are. I’ve made the correction.

  3. Anonymous

    If you are old enough to vote, own a gun and die for uncle sam, then you are indeed old enough to part take in alochol. It is as simple as that. Ask anyone under 21 and you will hear that the drinking age has amounted to largly nothing other than an inconvenience.

    cos cobber