$7.2 Million?
I recently gave a price opinion for some property in central Greenwich. My advice was rejected, which is fine, but the figure I gave was considered too low, I suspect because there’s another new house nearby asking $7.2 million. Now, asking is not getting, but I’m pretty sure the seller of the house I advised on hasn’t quite grasped this concept.

So here’s a picture of what’s available on Ridge Avenue for $7.2 million. I’ll be curious to see how it does. If it sells for somewhere near that price then I’ll be proved wrong, again. But I might be looking pretty smart a year or so from now.


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  1. dogwalker

    That’s Ridge Street. The nearest corner is Railroad Avenue. Davis is down the hill.

    You don’t like the $7.2? Maybe you didn’t know there is a hot tub on the roof? ;-]

  2. dogwalker

    Ooops! The nearest corner is Bruce Park Avenue . . . which used to be Railroad Avenue long, long ago.