Does the Back Country get a pass in the Police Blotter?

Greenwich Divaposes this question today because, while the blog’s author knows of several instances of domestic abuse, with arrests, among her neighbors, she never sees the incidents reported in our fair paper. My experience has been the same; I know of drug busts and horrendous abuse cases yet they don’t seem to see publishing daylight (except for George C. Scott and his wife – the Greenwich Time loved reporting on their spats when the unhappy couple lived in town).

So do our police keep certain incidents from the blotter or does the Greenwich Time protect wealthy criminals? Or neither – are people like the Diva and I just missing the news. One thing I’m sure of: bad things occur all over town, even in wealthy households.


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  1. dogwalker

    Oh, that would be nothing new. Back in my day (I’m of a similar vintage as the blogger), I was involved in a little . . . incident . . . with a number of other people, one of whose parent was well known. It was report once on WGCH with no names, and not another word was spoken on the radio nor did a story appear in the GT.

    But what was more fun is stories from people who delivered groceries for Gristede’s. Nothing like bored housewives.

  2. Anonymous

    It WOULD be interesting to understand the rationale for things that are published or unpublished…anyway to get that? Just asking – although I doubt it. GT doesn’t strike me as a forward thinking paper

  3. Bill Clark

    There is no question but that the Yellowwich Time plays favorites with the blotter – as well as with the rest of the news. When P/O Paladino was named officer of the month recently for preventing a potential homicide on Mill Street in Byram, the YT assiduously avoided all mention of the incident.

    When two notorious malefactors were (finally!) asked to “retire” from the scandal-ridden Greenwich Library, the radio station covered the story, but the YT pretended it didn’t happen.

    The reason? They were simply playing favorites, as always.