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I don’t see nuttin’
25 Birchwood started at $4.188 million back in May, 2007 and didn’t sell, even though its price was eventually dropped to $3.685 million. It was withdrawn from the market last month but it reappeared today, now asking $3.995 million.

136 Cat Rock has a somewhat cheerier story, I suppose. Originally listed in January 2006 for $3,750 million it dropped to $1.995 last January and finally went to contract last week for what I presume was a deep discount from its final asking price.

My advice, as always; try to price it right to begin with and if it doesn’t move, drop your price severely. Don’t increase it – buyers aren’t that dumb.

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Another moment of

21 Topping Road, 27 acres in the Back Country just east of the Helmsley place, has been offered for sale since August 2003 for $37.5 million. No one seemed impressed with that price so the sellers have switched brokers and brought it back on the market for $49.5 million. If that doesn’t work, perhaps they’ll raise it to $125 million so they can be just like Leona (her place hasn’t sold either).


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