What happens to this project?
The Antares UST project is supposed to be fully leased and ahead of schedule, according to this press release. I wonder, though, whether the events of the past few weeks and events yet to come will cause some of those tenants to disappear. Regardless, this portion of the press release seems almost quaint, now:

“One Hundred West Putnam is another major victory in an already
distinguished Antares track record for creating massive real estate value in
their projects,” said Bruce Mosler, Chairman and CEO of Cushman & Wakefield.
“C&W is excited to be working with Antares to bring more global leading
companies into their groundbreaking office development at Harbor Point on the
Stamford waterfront as C&W knows we can count on Antares to provide Class A +
buildings on schedule and on budget.”


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  1. Anonymous

    That press release is 6 months old. Would love an update.

  2. Chris Fountain

    There’s so much smoke whirling around Antares that it’s probably best to ignore the rumours (such as, they’re trying to sell a piece of the UST project) and the press releases and just wait for hard news. As recently as 4 weeks ago they were denying they’d lost control of Stamdord

  3. Anonymous

    Antares is a joke in commercial real estate. Their founders are gas-bags who specialize in promotion rather than development. They made money on Pickwick Plaza but a monkey could’ve made money on that considering how the market performed. They failed miserably at everything else.

    How the City of Stamford could’ve entrusted these jokers with so much resonsibility in the city’s future is beyond me.

    This kind of large scale mixed use development takes many years to properly roll out with significant equity and debt financing. They have no experience in this field. It won’t be long before their new partners push them out. I have my doubts about them as well.

    100 West Putnam is a good deal, if they can get the work done and lease it up correctly.

  4. Anonymous

    Bruce Mosler is smart guy, but I guess he’ll say what needs to be said in order to get the business…..sounds a lot like the methods of some local real estate agents.

  5. Chris Fountain

    “It won’t be long before their new partners push them out.”
    I believe that’s already happened.