David Stockman at CVS!
By Amanda Von Stuckle
(Editor’s note: Amanda was going to take a long vacation, because her first day of blogging tired her out. The overwhelming positive response to her first appearance convinced us to bring her back at least one more time, just to satisfy those fans clamoring for more. Please keep those comments going – I know Amanda gets quite a chuckle from them.)

So you won’t believe it but I was at CVS on Greenwich Avenue this morning and there was David Stockman Ronald Regan, Conyer’s Farm, indicted over that Collins & Aikman business, remember? – buying some “womanly items” for (I assume) his adorable wife Jennifer. “David!” I called. “Yoohoo! How’s the trial going?” He must not have heard me so I tried again: “What about your art collection? I heard that you had to sell your de Koonings to pay legal fees – is that true?” He scowled at me now, so I guess he did hear me the first time. He grabbed the box and skedaddled. What do you think: sensitive about the trial, or just his pending impoverishment by those lawyers? When I think of what my own divorce cost me; well, let’s just say that David and I could have a lot to talk about. Maybe next time, over a deelish cuppa cocoa at Versailles!


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  1. Bill Clark

    How come I never see anyone famous at CVS? Amanda has all the luck…

  2. Chris Fountain

    Well, Amanda is just more fortunate than you but as she would be the first to tell you, “more fortunate” is just another phrase for “more deserving”. Tough, but there it is.

  3. Anonymous

    On a more serious note, I wonder how the financial environment next May, when Stockman’s trial finally begins, will affect his chances of staying out of jail.

  4. Chris Fountain

    From the little I know about the matter, it seems that Stockman was putting his own money into the company as it failed, not pulling it out. That’s a hell of a new kind of fraud, if so. I wish him well (but I’m also glad I don’t have his legal fees).