Open House Report
Nothing out there of note, in my opinion. A few retreads, a few new listings with sellers who are a tad optimistic – I’ll stop by in six months and see whether they’ve gotten the message, and that’s about it.

One ray of sunshine: Another agent I know reports that a buyer who had been lingering, offering a really lowball offer and sticking to it, called yesterday, after the market had closed down 770 points, and raised his offer to a very acceptable level. You may choose to believe that that was the only buyer in town and the rest of us just lost him or, like me, you can see it as a sign that there are still buyers out there who have the financial resources to take advantage of a down market. A year ago, this house was worth at least $500,000 more than it was asking yesterday. When the market recovers and I believe it will, given time, the buyer will be able to pocket that difference. Nice work if you can get it.

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