Shuttered Banks
I’ve just come back from counting the number of banks in town: 3,217 all of which are, as of yesterday, owned by just one large institution. Will it need all these branches? Will it decide that commerce dictates that it maintain 217 offices on Greenwich Avenue? Probably – this is Greenwich, after all, but if not, we’re going to have an awful lot of empty buildings in town. Remember when the oil companies figured out that they didn’t really need gas stations on all four corners of every intersection? Something like that. Marshall Heaven’s going to be busy.

[Editor’s note: Attention, Amanda Von Stuckel fans – the above post employs the use of a literary device, satire. The author’s purported count of bank offices is not intended to be understood as literally true; he has deliberately over-stated that number to make a point. It is intended to be (mildly) humerous. Thank you for your attention; please turn now to another blog]

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