Offers I never finish reading

Or wouldn’t if I didn’t need material for this blog. I just received an invitation from a new real estate agency in town to meet someone named “Niurka” – no last name, which doesn’t make me comfortable – to learn “What moves your clients to action”, “Master your state of mind” and “Discover the driving force of your life by grasping the Power of Identity”.
No mention of booze or mushrooms to further enhance this “Powerful Experience” but lucky attendees will have an opportunity to inspect an over-priced condominium that’s been on the market since Noah began nailing wood together to form that boat. I Googled Niurka and found this Wikipedia entry:

Niurka Marcos (born Niurka Melanie Marcos Calle[citation needed] on November 25, 1967 in Havana, Cuba) is a Cuban singer, dancer, actress, and erotic model. She is better known simply as Niurka.

She was a little-known actress in Cuba. Marcos already had a son when she moved to Mexico, whom she left behind to look for a better future.

Niurka had a son, Kiko, in 1991 and a daughter, Romina in 1995. She has not disclosed the father of either child.

In Mexico, she had mild success acting in telenovelas with Televisa, until she met producer Juan Osorio. Marcos and Osorio began dating in 1998. Marcos then became a star in many of Osorio’s productions. They moved in together and had a son, Emilio, in 2002.

Marcos and Osorio were planning to get married in February 2004. Early in January, however, she revealed to the Mexican media, and the Latin American media in the United States, that she had been having an affair with her Velo de Novia co-star Bobby Larios, and that she was leaving Osorio for Larios. The news caused a wide-spread scandal and Marcos has not spared Osorio from public insult, blaming the break-up on, among other things, lack of sexual relations between the two.

“Erotic model”, eh? Maybe I do need another look at that condo.


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  1. ACF

    Check to see if there’s a mirror on the bedroom ceiling.

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously? Seriously!