172 Milbank Avenue
Here we go again
Yesterday you could have bought this beautiful house for just $3.999 million. Today, because you dawdled, its builder demands $4.250 – ok, I’m sorry – won’t you please let me have it at its original price?
The listing agent is a good friend of mine and a real expert in real estate so her decision to move the price up during a week when everything else seems to be falling apart strikes me as …odd. I’ll have to ask her about her reasoning next time I see her.


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  1. ACF

    Wow, that is a beautiful house! What happened?

  2. Chris Fountain

    Er, I refer you to The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg. Apparently, there’s a spot of trouble down on Wall Street.

  3. Anonymous

    There was some talk earlier about keeping old houses versus knocking the house down and building a new one.

    45 Byram Shore Road will be an interesting example. It is water front so that will skew the results, but I believe the owners paid close to $5.6 million for the property back in 2001. Instead of knocking it down they spent a lot of money renovating the home. It is a beautiful home but I’ve heard it took a lot of energy (and probably money) to update it.

    I believe I saw it listed for close to $14 million in the paper this morning.

  4. ACF

    You misunderstood. I was wondering how a large attractive house managed to get built in Greenwich, which must have the largest number of large ugly houses per square mile anywhere in the world. Maybe they built it from the wrong plans?

  5. DB Harper

    This isn’t a house. It’s two townhouses, one with that $3.99 million price tag. The second, larger unit has the larger price tag, as would be expected. Check the MLS for details, its pretty clear.

  6. Anonymous

    I used to work with the owner of 45 Byram Shore. He spent an absolute fortune (or, his wife did) renovating it. He doesn’t want to sell it, but the costs of renovation, plus a bad stock market = Should Have Budgeted More Conservatively Than Doubling Cost of House.

    Feel bad for him, but more I am disgusted that you’d throw a ton of money – that you don’t have – and be forced to sell. Can it be that emotionally difficult to do things over time, rather than in a huge chunk? What happened to “we’ll do it when we can”? It has turned into “I want it NOW”.

  7. Anonymous

    Yes – this house is – beautiful!

  8. Chris Fountain

    Town house, eh? I (a) should have remembered that and (b) pulled the listing. Still looks good on the exterior and I still question the wisdom of raising its price, single family or double.

  9. dogwalker

    Wow. Two units? I’m sure I saw an ad for it as a one-family a couple of months back. I was expecting it to come on at $10 million.