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Off to the woods

I’m heading inland and will walk until no one recognizes the computer on my shoulder. Back Sunday night. So why the picture of a sailboat? Captures the feeling and its title is “Truant Sailing Away”. My kind of kid.

See you next week.


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Interesting if true
I have no idea how to link to his individual posts (his blog setup’s problem not mine, I think) but here’s a lengthy quote from Greenwich Round Up on the future, or lack thereof, of Greenwich Time. I’ve heard the same rumor for months but his appears to be better sourced.

“For months Greenwich Roundup has been exclusively reporting what a confidential source at the Stamford Advocate source has been telling us.

We are told that the Corporate Suits at Hearst Newspapers are going to slowly combine all of the daily newspapers like the Greenwich Time, that are now currently being printed in Bridgeport into one paper with the Connecticut Post masthead.

This much like how Gannet folded the Port Chester Daily Item, the Mamaroneck Times, New Rochelle Standard Star and close to another dozen Putnam, Rockland and Westchester newspapers into the regional newspaper called the Journal News which has the regional news website called LoHud.com , which stands for Lower Hudson, New York.

“Later the old newspaper mast heads were changed into free weekly newspapers that carried grocery and drug store ads on Thursdays and Friday’s to non-Journal News subscribers. Town that did not have a daily newspaper were covered by half a dozen or so weekly newspapers that have a masthead with the Express name.

And this is what the the Corporate Suits at Hearst Newspapers have planned for Greenwich and other towns in Fairfield County. The Connecticut Post will be thrown on your front door each morning and the Greenwich Citizen will be a mailbox wrapper for slick ad papers, weather you are a subscriber or not.

This why Hearst Newspapers did not want the Greenwich Time offices and chose to temporarily rent a small office space in Riverside, CT. Maybe the Greenwich Citizen offices in Putnam Avenue will become a local news bureau and advertising sales office. Or maybe this office will be folded into the Bridgeport facility when the lease is up.”

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351 Round Hill Road

Not content with demanding all my money for redistribution

My pal Claudette wants my time, too and keeps asking about this property. Once she put her glasses on and gave me the right address I thought I’d answered her question but now she reports that people seem to be moving in. Anything for a friend. So far as I know, it’s still for sale, and there’s no record of it ever having been offered for rent or rented – doesn’t mean a bunch of poor folks haven’t expropriated it in the name of the People, of course – just ask Dr. Zhivago about that. It came on two years ago, its price has ranged from as high as $7,275,000 to the current low of $6,450,000 (11% less). Two brokers, it’s back now with the first. I suspect that its failure to sell is unrelated to the choice of broker.


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Another brand to boycott

Baskin Robbins is peddling “Whirl of Change”
“an Election Special for 2008”ice cream with a little donkey on it. Donkey dung is more like it but, as my pal Claudette likes to threaten, when her Demmerkrats get through with people like me we won’t be able to buy ice cream anyway, so what do I care? I care about the Little People, Claudette, those who, having crammed my money in their pockets, will flock to the slots and ice cream stores to spend it. God forbid they should choke on a bit of donkey dung.

Update: Just to the left (they were trying to trick me!) of the Obama donkey dung ice cream Baskin Robbins offers the “Straight Talk Express”, which at least at first glance would seem to be a sop to Republicans and an attempt to be bi-partisan. But aha! You’ll notice that it’s covered with nuts! The vast, left-wing conspiracy is hard at work, even in our ice cream factories! Will they stop at nothing?


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252 Milbank

Going down? I liked this house very much when I first saw it earlier this year. Seven bedrooms, 8,000 sq.ft. (or something like that), a nice location just two blocks from the Avenue, and all that. What I didn’t like was its price and neither, apparently, did anyone else. Except its builder, who kept that price pegged at $7,775,000 from December ’07 until October 2, when he finally succumbed to market conditions and dropped it 10% to $6.975. He didn’t wait so long for the second drop: yesterday, he lowered it another 3% – $200,000 – to $6.775, a cool million off its original asking price. Whether that’s enough to move it is another question – what fascinates me is the slow motion train wreck we’re witnessing – how low are we going, and how quickly? I sure don’t know.

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So maybe you might want to wait on that $25 million place on Round Hill.

At least until Monday, to see how all this shakes out . According to Bloomberg News, things look rocky out there. And Mr. Bloomberg himself, speaking on the radio this morning,described the world economic scene as “a complete effin’ mess” (well, there’s a bit of translation in that, but he wasn’t encouraging).


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Here, thanks to a reader, is a WSJ article on real estate blogs. Heck, compared to what’s going on in the rest of the country, this blog’s awfully tame. I may have to step on the spice a bit.

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