Here’s a sale
Always nice to see any activity, I suppose. 17 Suburban Avenue is a nice, brand new, free standing condo that was originally listed in May, 2007 for $1.695 million. It was reported sold today for $1.259 million. I doubt its builder made much money on it at that price, but at least he’s out of there.


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  1. Anonymous

    I visited the open house here twice. Its beautiful construction, but the layout with the main living room in the basement was a killer in my humble opinion. I see now, all three units have been sold with the identical unit selling for something around $1.5 over the summer.
    -Cos Cobber.

  2. Chris Fountain

    You know, it must frost a buyer’s er – rear end – to pay one price and then see the same or a similar hose sell for less a little while later. Like the Antares houses on Cherry Blossom Lane or whatever they called that development off Taconic. $10.3 million for one house last October, $6.7 million for basically the same house next door the next month. Can you say, “good bye, $3.4 million”? It’s things like this that are killing our market, with good reason – where’s the bottom?