21 Lia Fail, Cos Cob

Want your own, 500 seat marble amphitheatre? Here’s your chance. I’ve been intrigued by this property ever since Aimee Liu walked me through it on our one date (and only date – Aimee was a really sharp girl) back when we both attended Eastern. Aimee went on to much better things, including Yale and, later, a successful writing career but the amphitheatre is still there, along with a small residence built in 1940 or so from material salvaged from the Havemeyer mansion over in Old Greenwich. First sold in 2004 for $2.2 million (after languishing at $2.8 million for a year – I told the seller not to price it there but she went with the broker who promised more and delivered well, less), the new owners have tried since 2006 to sell it again. They first listed all of its 5 acres (two building lots) for $3.5 million, which, even though they’d updated the original house a bit, didn’t strike buyers as much of a bargain. They eventually dropped the price to $2.795 and now offer just the house and amphitheatre on 2 acres for $1.6 million – no mention of what’s to be done with the second lot across the driveway.

This is a magical place,set far off of Valley Road and at the right place, would be a wonderful buy. If I were in a buying mood, I might offer the asking price for the full 5 acres and see how badly the sellers wanted to move.

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  1. Anonymous

    If the amphitheatre has Greek columns I know of a Presidential candidate that may be interested