Conde Nast cutting staff.

Readership and advertising is off and many people are cheering. Not me, because I have friends who work there, but I long since stopped subscribing. The comments to the article announcing the cuts all seem to be from former subscribers to the New Yorker and Vanity Fair who cancelled their subscriptions after both magazines tilted entirely to the left.
A typical comment:

It is a curious thing, how about fifty percent of the reading public is right-center, and how 100% of the publishing world goes to such strenuous efforts to insult the right-center. You’ve willfully alienated half of your potential customers with your incessant lobbying and condescending, contemptuous editorial attitude. 5% is only the beginning.

No fear of that here! Well, no fear of tilting to the left – condescension and contempt, we can do.


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  1. Anonymous

    great point – most major national publications subscription bases are down because of this bias. I am about to cancel my Greenwich Times subscription because there is no balance.

    The last straw in GT has been the Sunday editorial comics. 100% liberal, left wing. Never an alternative viewpoint.

    Publishers and editors around the country just don’t get it.

  2. Anonymous

    It is scary, that we all get fed whatever diet the magazines and papers feed us. If McCain had done a half-hour infomercial and spent all that money on prime-time TV, they would say he was “buying the election”.

    The best thing I can say is that it is only 4 years, and based on what’s happened the previous 8, we’re a resilient nation. My guess is there will be a massive public spending program (to get people back to work) and a lot of inflation(there’ve been huge injections of money from the Treasury already, and more to come).

    I am trying to find statistics on what the unemployment rate was overall in the 70s recession, and then what that rate was for financial services professionals. That is where I think we’ll be headed. People felt broke then because everything cost so much. Now people feel broke because their assets are worth so much less. “same dif” as I used to say as a teen.


  3. Anonymous

    I am a longtime New Yorker subscriber, but I have to agree with the comments that moving the magazine to the extreme left politically has certainly alienated a large portion of the readership. The New Yorker is still good for cultural articles and fiction (but even there you often have to filter out the childish insults to non-left-wing thought). The political articles are completely hopeless and basically self-parody. The point has been proven over and over again with the NYTimes, NBC and now Conde Nast– when you become completely unbalanced as a media source, you will alienate a significant percentage of your audience. What is baffling is that these editors seem to be pushing harder and harder in the same clearly failing direction.

  4. Anonymous

    Same with GQ….I used to subscribe but it was so left wing that it actually made me mad to read. Thus I didnt renew.