The trouble with politicians

They think that driving around town in silly cars “builds excitement” and encourages people to vote. My solution for voters swayed by a wave from a fat politician in the rumble seat of an old car is the same as for those who are persuaded by a dozen candidate signs littering the grounds of our railroad stations: disenfranchise the idiots.


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  1. Anonymous

    I agree – may-be the fat-guy – that rides his horse and buggy around town – will run for office – anything for attention – and the hell with the rest of us!

    I told him Chris Fountain – likes YOU – I hollared – when I finally went by his horse and buggy – yes – Chris – for some reason – I just don’t get it! đŸ™‚

  2. Ed Krumeich

    This “fat politician” now has time to return to the gym. Where will you go to reduce your fat head? Seriously, Chris; lighten up; it was just for fun. Freddie road around in a fire truck. Did you think he was responding to a fire call? Campaigns are stressful and exhausting. There are only a few times when you get to kick back. What you and your correspondent fail to understand is that after the campaign is over both of us “politicians”, the “fat “one and the “short” one, will return to trying to make our town a bit better. You and the other members of the chattering classes will just talk about how foolish we are for putting ourselves forward and strike a holier-than-thou pose . By the way, I like your blog; i just don’t appreciate cheap shots.