Million dollar closet?
I saw a really nice house yesterday: new construction, priced at $9 million. That’s an aggressive price for this market, I think, but what struck me was that the builders opted to place just one closet in the master bedroom. Mind you, it’s a very nice closet, easily the size of two of my own kids’ bedrooms combined, and one sure to please the lady of the household. But will she be pleased to have to share her closet with her husband? A quibble at, say, $2.5 million may be a major objection at this price range. I’ll be curious to see how this works out.


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  1. Anonymous

    My parents have a single large walk-in that is pretty serious. They’ve shared it for 15 years and it seems to work pretty well. Although, my mother still gets a large dresser in the bedroom and almost every closet in the house has some of her stuff in it… But I think it works. If you could post a picture of the closet that would be awesome.

  2. Chris Fountain

    Oh I know it would work, it just strikes me that today’s home buyers don’t like to share. Witness the new “essential”, a seperate bathroom for each child. In Greenwich, no child must be left behind while the other performs her ablutions!

  3. Anonymous

    There is so much inventory on the market, the builder’s problem is that if his house doesn’t have 2 separate closets, there are about 25 others out there that do.

    It’s not the practicality of being able to share 2 (anyone reasonably can), it’s the ability of a buyer to find a place of similar quality and value with more of what he wants. That is the builder’s problem.


  4. Anonymous

    Yes – I agree – sharing should not be a problem – I would also like to see a picture of the closet – Chris – thank you for your consideration.

  5. Chris Fountain

    I’m a considerate fellow, alright, but I don’t have a picture of the closet. It’s large, has windows, has the ubiquitous center platform, mirrored doors hiding more cupboards, etc. It looks, in short, very much like every other high-end closet in any other spec house in town. I hate to suggest that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, but what can be new about a closet?

  6. Chris Fountain

    I say that as someone who thinks he’s expanded his wardrobe by buying a new pair of Levis. I suppose that if you care about such things, closet details do matter. I’ll pay more attention to the next one I see.

  7. Anonymous

    Talk about a new pair of Levis Jeans – Chris – I think you're about do for a new pair – Lord & Taylor – ??? What to wear in the winter time – flip flops?? Keep us posted – Chris – we're looking out for you! hahahahaha Yes – you are a very considerate 'good man'!! 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Of course anyone could share that closet, but who wants to share at that price. I think it will be a problem for people seriously looking.