Oh, darn!
There’s long been a wide-spread belief in the local real estate community that mysterious foreigners backed up our market by paying ridiculous prices for houses here. Certain firms even marketed themselves as having a secret “in” to these people with the implication that, if you listed with them, they’d find an Irishman hiding under a wheelbarrow somewhere in the rocky fields of old Eire who wanted nothing but to buy your place. I never quite believed this hype and, while real estate agents are still flogging the idea, this article suggests that if these unsophisticated, rich foreigners ever did exist, they no longer do. On to the next myth.

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    Interesting – Chris – Who Knows For Sure??? At one time – I believe the ‘United Nations’ was considering Greenwich, Ct. for its location. I’ll ask Bernie Yudain what he thinks.šŸ™‚