2 Old Stone Bridge

2-old-stone-bridgeThis is a nice house with good street presence – by which I mean it sits up high on a hill and is nice to look at – yet hasn’t sold since it came on the market in the spring. Originally priced at $2.595 million the relocation company that owns it has grudgingly dropped it a couple of times and today reduced it to $1.995 million. I thought it wasn’t a bad value at $2.1, but the buyers out there obviously disagreed. The last time it sold was in 2000 for $1.150 but the place was renovated and expanded in 2004 so the new price doesn’t really represent a straight 9% interest appreciation. But how much are those renovations worth in this market? We’ll find out, eventually. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a farmhouse style, decent house with a separate bedroom bath over the garage, you might want to look at this. It’s a Raveis listing but regular readers here know that doesn’t effect how I call things (in fact, at least one posting today, not nearly so positive, is also a Raveis listing. So there.)


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  1. Anonymous

    Above link does not make sense since the house is being sold by a relo firm.