Moving up the price scale

16-hurlingham16 Hurlingham
So how are the rich faring? We’ll find out, I suppose, when this place in Conyer’s Farm sells. Built in 1986 on 10 acres of lakefront it sold for $5.1 million in 1998. The buyer tried reselling it a year later for $7.875 and when that didn’t work seems to have yanked it off the market and put some cash into some serious renovation work. At least I think he did because it reappeared on the market in 2006 and sold for an even $12 million. It resold again in 2007 for $12.4 and now, yet another year has passed so it’s back on again, asking $13.750 (don’t the wealthy ever stay put?). There’s no mention in the current listing of any work that has been done to account for a $1.350 million jump in price, but maybe someone famous lived in it during the past 12 months. The owner shows as Berkeley Real Estate LLC which suggests that this was not, say, Eliot Spitzer’s home away from home, but you never know. There’s a broker open house tomorrow so I’ll go up there and ask.


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6 responses to “Moving up the price scale

  1. Anonymous

    Can you post the listing with some more pictures, I love seeing how the rich live. Is anyone else surprised at tasteful the exterior design of this house is for having been built in the 1980’s?

  2. christopherfountain

    Pictures can be troublesome because the Greenwich MLS doesn’t allow public access to its site (with good reason, dammit, we agents and brokers pay a ton of money to maintain it) and the listing firms often don’t release multiple shots to the internet. In fact, some listings never make the internet at all, which I’m sure helps the listing brokerage firm but wouldn’t seem to be doing the seller any favor.
    If photos are released to the public, I can post them, but I can’t take my own shots (for public use) and I can only use what’s out there. Tomorrow, if there are pictures of this property released publicly I’ll provide a link to the Raveis site because it will have them. or not.

  3. Anon

    Isn’t this David Cone’s house?

  4. Cos Cobber

    Yeah, I wonder the same, I think this might be Coney’s old pad.

    Cos Cobber

  5. christopherfountain

    I’ll ask Joe Barberi, the listing agent, tomorrow.