Nothing fishy


Fjord Fisheries has expanded in its new location in downtown Cos Cob and now sells Niman Ranch beef and other good meats. I just purchased three pork chops cut from, I think, a Berkshire pig (he wasn’t around to ask) but wherever it came from, it was “heritage” pork – from old fashioned breeds that haven’t had all their fat and flavor bred out of them. These creatures are said to have been raised humanely, an odd choice of words, perhaps, for something that is destined to end up as supper but, if I’m going to continue to eat meat, and I plan to, I’d just as soon not have it tortured during its brief lifetime (try diagramming that sentence). So net net, the chops, grilled outside to a medium rare, were delicious. The stuff isn’t awfully cheap at $9 lb but $13 produced three thick chops that fed all three of us diners. A reasonable luxury, I think.
The fish is still great at Fjord – I had monkfish from there just last night – but now they have meat, too. I tend to resist change and I liked the funky old building where Fjord was based for so many years but this move has resulted in better things, for the owners and for customers. A nice place to shop.


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6 responses to “Nothing fishy

  1. Cos Cobber

    Fjords is a fine new addition to Cos Cob. You know, things are really shaping up around here; we have Starbucks and Dunkin, Arcuri’s (home of the best take out salad in town), My Favorite Place, Chicken Joes, Plum Fine Foods, that expensive tea shop (Drawing Room?), a centrally located elementry school, a library, several ball fields/play grounds, several marinas (still don’t have a boat), a train station, on and on and yada-yada.
    What’s great about Cos Cob is that there are a number of services in walking distance of most homes. If you need the fancy stuff, take 5 minutes and head to the ave. If want the beach, head 10 mins over to Old G.

    If we only landed a Trader Joe’s over that new CVS…

    Cos Cobber.

  2. CEA

    Fjord are good guys. And Cos Cobber – when they open that Fairway in Stamford, Trader Joe’s will pale by comparison! I am waiting with baited breath for that Fairway (I wonder how long it will take to get here?). It will be nice to get super-fresh produce, meat, and prepared foods, at decent prices, without going to Stew Leonard’s. Though I will miss the singing chickens.

  3. Cos Cobber

    CEA, I am not familiar with Fairway, but you have me excited now. Looking forward to it. And yes, the singing Chickens will be missed by my 2yr old.

  4. CEA

    There is one on the West Side Highway, around 135th Street (easy on-off), which we go to sometimes if we are in the City. They just have fantastic produce, prepared foods, fresh pasta, meats, etc. for very reasonable prices. More “gourmet” than Stew’s: do you know Citarella’s? or Eli’s? It is kind of a more fresh-foods-focused Zabar’s. It is just such a hike to Stew’s, it will be a delight just to go to Stamford.

    Check it out and be impatient with me!

  5. dogwalker

    Thanks for the heads up, CEA! I had heard the name Fairway, but didn’t know what it was about. I’ll be waiting for the opening!

  6. Cos Cobber

    thanks CEA, it looks extremely promising.