Rentals? Eh – not so good

229-stanwich1This house at 229 Stanwich Road routinely rented for good sums: $17,000 per month in 2002, $16,000 in 2006. Somewhere in there was a rental to an insurance crook who never paid, had to be evicted and is probably still in jail for his sins but hey, that’s all part of the fun in renting your house – who knows?

In any event, the house, empty again, was put up for rent this past August for $16,800 not a crazy sum given its rental history. But there are no takers and today the rent was dropped to $12,000. That’s a big drop.


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2 responses to “Rentals? Eh – not so good

  1. Anonymous

    The plot for this house was carved out of the estate next door in the early 1990’s. Ever been inside this thing? I have, some details:
    -Poorly designed, very tall and narrow structure.
    -The builder used cement as an architectural element and it doesn’t work.
    -The artificial pond in the back is ringed in deteriorating cement. The pond is too close to the home so there is virtually no backyard.
    -The terraces are cement. Part of the house structure in the rear is cement. All of it in poor condition.
    -The terraces in the back step down and look down onto each other. Very weird and crowded design out back has caused lots of mildew and greening of the cement all around.
    -Floors are poorly maintained natural oak. Really dated looking and scratched up.
    -Tile flooring in certain parts in cheap and dated.
    -Kitchen is small for a house of this size.
    -Finishes all around are cheap looking.
    -Driveway is crumbling pavement, might even be gravel but I couldn’t tell because of the weeds.

    The house has a commanding plot of land with a beautiful neighboring mansion but the house needs to be gutted and completely revamped. It has been maintained like a cheap rental. I think the place has been put up for sale as well.

  2. christopherfountain

    I’ve been in it over the years as it comes on and off the market (and yes, it’s listed for sale for $6.9 ish). It certainly hasn’t been kept up but what really struck my eye were the dead and dying trees lining the driveway. Not exactly a sign of welcome.