The Maggots were fighting in dead Ernest

That headline’s from “Cheaper by the Dozen” and was brought to mind by the new chief of the YMCA’s vow yesterday that her organization was “deadly committed” to completing the under-funded project. She says the Y has the money to complete most of what was planned, absent a gym and a racket ball court or two. The Greenwich Time reporter seems to lap it all up but I do wish she had interviewed some of the vociferous Y critics, of whom there are many, to get their take on things. I’d expect this kid gloves treatment from a particular weekly advertiser I once worked for but is Greenwich Time so dependent on advertising revenue from the Y?

One complaint from the construction superintendent, one Ryan Chinelli, that will have anyone who has ever renovated a home scratching her head and asking, “who are these fools”? : In explaining the many, many delays, Chianelli explained, “”You would open a wall and never know what you were going to find.” Duh.

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