Match picture with description, win prize


508 Round Hill Road

“Once in a lifetime will you see such unparalleled beauty as 508 Round Hill Road. This totally breathtaking 5 acre estate sits atop a knoll, over looking the sweeping lawns which lead you to two of Greenwich’s most expensive residences. This six-thousand square foot stone Georgian colonial redefines excellence in Greenwich. The interior has been lovingly restored preserving the charm and integrity of the home. As you walk out and enter the rear yard, you are greeted by a new gunite pool with state of the art pool equipment. Pass the pool and enormous blue stone patio, you will find horse accommodations so charming, one would only find something similar in a Thomas Kinkade painting. When you add the mature trees and the long approach, you are left totally speechless. 508 Round Hill is a property of distinction meant to be handed down through generations. if you’d like to preview the home please contact our office for a private and confidential showing.”

“A Thomas Kinkade painting”? Gag me with a pitchfork. It’s horrible writing like this that probably got the owner of this place, DFT LLC, in trouble. Their website is stuffed with copies of press releases crowing about their latest tear-downs, their purchases of “prestige property” on Round Hill Road and Vineyard Lane and on and on but now Vineyard Lane is back up for sale, as is, 516 Round Hill Road is languishing and 518 Round Hill is under threat of foreclosure with a $6,000,000 mortgage against it. I dunno, it all seems eerily reminiscent of the Antares boys and, going back a few decades, the wonder boy of the 80’s, Kurt Wittek, who must surely be out of prison by now.


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7 responses to “Match picture with description, win prize

  1. ACF

    Class with a capital “K.”

  2. This must be an Olgivy listing

  3. Anonymous

    DFT’s website was designed by “DreamOn Productions.”

    Very apt, don’t you think?

  4. Anonymous

    Just checked the taxes on 508 Round Hill. $13K. So by the tax man’s reckoning, at least, this 1952 house is worth something south of $3M.

    And they’re asking $6.2M?

  5. Anonymous

    I have dealt with these guys before. Not the most professional guys I have ever met, if you know what I mean.

  6. Phil Grimm

    That house looks like a marginally updated 1951 Levittown Cape Cod.

  7. dogwalker

    Thanks guys! I needed a laugh this a.m.