This just keeps getting better

You’ll have to scroll down for the initial posts about DFT Builders and their principle, Dominick DeVito but the more I dig, the better it gets, so I’m posting new material here. I linked to the indictment of this guy below. Here’s the Justice Department’s announcement of his guilty plea this summer, and get this:

Also, DEVITO obstructed justice in connection with his sentencing in 2003 in Manhattan federal court after he was convicted of racketeering and mortgage fraud in an earlier case.

Would one of you investment banker types please explain to me how someone can be convicted of racketeering and mortgage fraud in 2003 and still get loans afterwards? I’m also just a little disappointed that DFT’s website doesn’t mention the criminal record of its founder. Gee, I thought they had to tell the truth about such things!


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3 responses to “This just keeps getting better

  1. Anonymous

    FYI, DFT stand for DeVito Family Trust. What a joke. And supposedly they control 5 Egdewood Avenue.

    You know, if criminals want to masquerade as a legit business, why do it in such a sleazy, ridiculous way? If you want to be a criminal, at least have some class.

  2. ACF

    Also a hoot is the copy for his listings, particularly that for 516 Round Hill Road, which he has grandly named “White Fences” (so WASPy, don’t you know?). There are many ripe specimens but these two win the prize for me:

    The unrivaled beauty of ‘White Fences’ is evident at every turn, from a 60 ft pool whose sparkling waters blend with the worlds most beautifully seas.

    Huh? Then there’s this:

    Both of the staircases and a fully automatic, captivatingly decorated elevator (emph. added) provide access to the bedroom suites.

    What, ahigh-class joint like that and there ain’t no elevator boy? But it’s decorated, at least, I assume in Classical Otis style.

  3. christopherfountain

    Their website claims they bought 5 Edgewood but when I Googled the address I found a real estate site that shows it still available. Maybe Mr. DeVito finds himself too distracted these days to close his deals. His sentencing was scheduled for October 24th but I can’t turn up any news on that. These things are often postponed but I would guess he won’t be spending Christmas at home.