Bernie Yudain to the rescue?


Maven and sex object, Bernard Yudain

Maven and sex object, Bernard Yudain

That ultimate source of Greenwich knowledge, Bernie Yudain, has answered my plea for help spelling Conyer(‘s) farm. The question: with or without an apostrophe? Bernie says without but he doesn’t address my ultimate trump card, a 1921 NYT article that referred to “Conyer’s Manor Farm”. Bernie has more faith in the unerring nature of that once proud newspaper than I do but he obviously thinks they got it wrong back in 1921 and, since I have far more confidence in Bernie than I do in the Times, I’ll defer to him. The apostrophe is hereby dropped, until new data change my mind.

But Bernie, what happened to poor deluded Araminta Sweeney who was accused of burning the place down? Inquiring minds want to know.


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11 responses to “Bernie Yudain to the rescue?

  1. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, Mr. Yudain completely misunderstood the comment that corrected Mr. Fountain’s spelling of Conyers with the apostrophe. I’m the one that left that comment and it shouldn’t take a close reading to see that I was saying the exact thing Mr. Yudain asserts, that current usage is “Conyers Farm.” So he wrote an entire article arguing against a commenter he agrees with. Not a very impressive journalistic performance.

  2. nitpicker

    um,the nyt sweeny article spells it both ways.

  3. christopherfountain

    Well I’m the one who forwarded the question to Bernie so if anyone is to blame it is I, not he. Besides, it was a fun question and he had some fun with it, so, eh?

  4. christopherfountain

    Oh! And so your original correction was correct (despite the column). Unless, of course, you want to give me “Conyer’s Manor Farm”.

  5. christopherfountain

    Nitpicker – Sweeney or Sweeny?

  6. Anonymous

    My original comment was correct in terms of current usage. Despite his quibbling with “me”, Mr. Yudain seems to agree. I would expect a Greenwich realtor, at least in his professional life, to be most interested in how streets and developments are spelled now.

  7. christopherfountain

    Gee, I don’t know – you left a nasty note on Bernie’s Greenwich Time column, now you’re after me? For a silly little issue? How’s your sense of humor doing these days?

  8. Anonymous

    You and Mr. Yudain are the ones who turned a one-line comment on a “silly little issue” into multiple blog posts and a newspaper article. I don’t think you should infer anything about my sense of humor just because I like accuracy. I seem to keep friends and family amused.

  9. christopherfountain

    Well you’re certainly amusing me!

  10. John Martin

    CONYERS Manor was named after E. C. Converse, who elected to use the Old English spelling and pronunciation of his family name to give a more baronial title to his 1551 acre estate in the back country of Greenwich CT. He was one of our country’s greatest industrialists and financiers, having helped found US Steel and Bankers Trust and serving on the board of dozens of other companies. Conyers Manor was the 53 room stone mansion he erected in 1902. Conyers Farm was the name used for the rest of his estate, which was a very profitable enterprise that shipped fruit and vegetables all over the Eastern Seaboard. Mr. Converse died in 1921. His estate was maintained by Bankers Trust until 1927, when F. Sansome bought it. He defaulted on his payments due to Depression. It was purchased by my boss’s father Lewis S. Rosenstiel in 1935. He lived on it and owned it until his death in 1976. His daughter retained 10% of the property and the rest was sold in 1980. The new owner kept the name Conyers Farm. Any questions email me.

  11. John Martin

    Also, BTW: Araminta “Menthol” Sweeney was admitted to a mental hospital following her unfortunate attempt to incinerate Mr. Converse and his property.