Erasing History

I just looked up a house I want to show to a client (which is why I’m not identifying it here – I think it’s a bargain and if my client agrees, then I’ll sell it, which is far better than writing about it). The price has been reduced, again, but when I checked our MLS records for its history it shows only one price reduction and shows it as having been on the market for less than a month.

That’s what the records show – my memory told me otherwise so I searched again, this time for deleted listings and low and behold, there it was a year ago at a price a full 1/3 higher than its current price.

In a way, I’m glad the Board of Realtors is playing this game because it gives me an advantage: my memory bank retains information that will be useful in negotiating a deal, should things advance that far – an owner who has been sitting on an unsold property for a year is usually in an entirely different frame of mind from one who’s only been trying for a month. But another part of my mind objects: this market is supposed to be a level playing field, or it claims to be, with information freely accessible to all. It isn’t, and I intend to take advantage of that, but still ….

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  1. Anonymous

    Maybe this is a situation where the lawyer half of your brain is in conflict with the realtor half. Deleting information from a database intended to provide the public with material information about real property with the intent to mislead them sounds like wire fraud to me. I’d say call the Greenwich Time to get their crack staff on it, but, well, I can only imagine how they would handle that.