Why won’t this house sell?

18 Sandy Lane is a decent enough house just off Round Hill Road. It has some Merritt noise but it also has 4 acres and a pool. The owners tried selling it for $2.995 million ($624 per sq.ft.) back in 2007 and have now dropped it to $1.825 million ($391 sq.ft.). Apparently, the market for somewhat dated homes with relatively low ceilings and a touch of highway noise is … limited. There was a time, not so long ago, when this price would reflect the land value: buy a lot, get a house free. Now, who knows?


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3 responses to “Why won’t this house sell?

  1. Phil Grimm

    What’s the land worth without the house?

  2. Anonymous

    With so many choices buyers can be picky about what they choose. The Merritt noise will affect future resell and thus anything that is impacted most likely will be crossed off the list of prospects.

  3. THis house doesn’t have a pool, it has a tennis court. There is also some water issues in the basement, but other than the pkwy noise and the basement issue, it’s a nice house.