21 Cornelia Drive update

I mentioned this place a week ago when it had endured seven price cuts over the years as its disappointed builder slashed and slashed again, from $11.750 million to, last month, $7.450 million. Today sees its eight price reduction, $500,000 off, down to $6.950.

(Some) agents emphasize the importance of trying to get the price right the first time because, once a house hangs around a couple of months, let alone years, it’s perceived as old and stale and buyers don’t want it. This house at its new price would almost certainly have sold quickly back in 2005. Three years on, it may require still more.

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh my god. I saw this house when it was new and I knew then it was way over priced even for that insane market. I do not know how these builders dont cut there loss and run before it gets to this point . 3 years at this point take the offer and move on . Another negative there is a new house right on top of this one . Who moves to Greenwich to have your neighbor on top of you?