Archibald Cox, he is not

archibald-cox1 Our next president has decided on Eric Holder as this country’s next Attorney General. Mr. Holder, you may or may not remember, last exercised his official duties in the waning days of the Clinton administration by arranging the pardon of tax cheat and felon Marc Rich, in exchange for (gasp!) money. He’ll be a fine addition to the team.

Politics, for a change!


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3 responses to “Archibald Cox, he is not

  1. Let’s be clear, Eric did not get any money from anyone. Mrs.Rich made donations to the Democratic party and President Clinton’s library, and Eric never told President CLinton to pardon Mr.Rich, he was pretty neutral. I spoke with some very reliable sources (Republicans and Democrats) last week and they ALL said he is clean. go to to read more

  2. CEA

    $10 says Bush pardons Ted Stevens on his way out. Oh, and he might have to pardon Cheney too!

  3. Yesterday Stevens said he did not want a pardon, let’s see if still sing the same song in January.

    It’s about time someone did something about Cheney. But the indictment is not official, the judge did not sign off on it.

    THe government should also go after Bush while they are on a roll.