How’m I doing?

ed-kochIf you’re the Greenwich real estate market, not so well. Since September 1 we’ve seen a total of 42 single family homes go to contract, 2 in Cos Cob, 29 in Greenwich, 4 in Old Greenwich and 7 in Riverside. Of interest, perhaps, is that Riverside and Greenwich share the four highest sales between them: GR – $13,750,000; RV – $12.9 million; GR – $10.9 million and RV – $8.675 million.

How much is still out there to move? Oh, quite a bit. Cos Cob, 78; Greenwich, 400 (!); Old Greenwich, 50 and Riverside, 64.

And the sale to inventory percentage:

RV: 10%

OG: 7%

GR: 6.7%

CC: 2%

How’s that Hank William’s song go? “You’re gonna change, or I’m a gonna leave.” To Terre Haut, perhaps.


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2 responses to “How’m I doing?

  1. Anonymous

    Holy Cr**! – I knew it was bad – but those numbers are downright depressing. Curious though – I recall and (much) earlier post or article talking about the huge number of RE agents in Greenwich – have we seen a similar decrease in agents?

  2. Cos Cobber

    its not good when i know the people involved in the only two house sales in cos cob