Sign of the times?

69 Riverdale Avenue (the last street off the Post Road before Port Chester) is a new condominium project that seemed to be doing okay, even if a large number of units were rented, not sold. Yesterday a 2,400 sq.ft., 2 bedroom, 3 floor townhouse unit sold for $850,000. I can’t tell from the listing but this unit, #103, seems identical to other units that sold before for $985,000, $950,000 and $899,000. I don’t know if there’s a downward trend here but this latest sale would appear to be the lowest so far.


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2 responses to “Sign of the times?

  1. CEA

    Chris – that reminds me of something I wanted to ask you. Do you know that gas station that was just built right at the end of the Post Road, at the Port Chester border? Right before that Carvel/Cumberland Farms place? It never opened. They spent all this time and money replacing the tanks, etc. and building a new building, now it is just sitting there. Do you know why or what happened?

  2. christopherfountain

    I take an older friend from Byram shopping on Fridays so I’ve been passing this place for awhile. You’re quite right: all activity stopped after they’d paid to completely rebuild the place. My friend didn’t know what’s happened, despite her living near by but I’ll ask around. Obviously, though, someone reconsidered.