2003 Prices for 2008 real estate?

6 Old Stone Bridge was last sold in November, 2003 for $1.675 million. It came back up for sale this past September, priced at $2.325 million, or just about 40% more than the sellers had paid for it. That didn’t work so well and this morning they dropped it to $1.995 million, a 20% markup over 2003 prices. Getting there – I’ll be curious to see how close to that older price this one sells for.


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3 responses to “2003 Prices for 2008 real estate?

  1. Anonymous

    You wrote about the house next door last week…..which one is nicer? I would say the other is better because of the renovations and nicer plot. What do you think?

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Chris, quick question- Do you know the story behind 5 Station Dr.? Lot’s of different prices!

  3. W.

    2003 prices seems like a safe bet to me. 2001 prices seem more likely than 2005 prices returning anytime soon.