Compassion in the Catskills

From the Bovina Bloviator:

Sad stories from the NYT’s “Neediest Cases” as reported by the WSJ.

Get them while there’s still a Republican in the White House); poverty American style.

For years, Mike and Kelly D’Addeo planned to use their trove of Intel Corp. stock options to send their son Tony to a top college.

Tony would be a good candidate for any school: He’s a straight-A senior at Bowie High School and captain of the football team, with near-perfect SAT scores. He’s not interested in playing college football; instead, Tony talks about majoring in computer science or engineering.

“I’d like to have my own business someday,” he said.

But the plunging stock market has made their stock options worthless and crushed the D’Addeos’ Ivy League dreams.

The Bloviator says, “As Herman Westinghouse (a family friend, generations back) put it so nicely: ‘The poor have their troubles as well as the rich.’ ”

 I myself like the summation of the Journel’s writer who points out that stashing your child’s college education in options is a form of child abuse.

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One response to “Compassion in the Catskills

  1. CEA

    why would you put all your eggs in one basket? and a tech basket at that? And options to boot.

    Really, truly do not understand this. It would be like going to the hospital and betting that the person who walks in the door (random doctor, nurse, janitor) could do your open-heart surgery and you would do great. Hey – it’s a hospital, right?

    I am surprised that two parents as ill-informed as this were able to produce an Ivy-League-caliber child. How you can ruin your children’s hopes based on such a crazy bet….